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  • PAK6
  • Economic & quick equipment with the high yield

    ∙ 95% elution within 4minutes (DNA, RNA)

    ∙ Sturdy, small and easy to handle

    ∙ 6 different samples can be applied simultaneously

    ∙ 0.2 ˜ 0.5ml of buffer is sufficient for elution (high concentration)


    ▶ An examples to use

    ∙ DNA / RNA extraction from agarose gel



  • Specification
    Applicable Sampleds DNA, ss RNA, Protein
    Electro-rod & Electro-RingPlatinum
    Capacity6 sample
    Dimensions (mm)W290×D135×H150

    How to use




    ▹ It is possible to purify samples within an hour. You can apply agarose and polyacrylamide

    gel slices including nucleic acide or protein on the EXELUTOR Pak6 and apply at 25 ˜ 35V for 2 ˜ 5min.

    ▹ In case of incomplete elution, a second attempt can be made by replacing the buffers.

    ▹ The Elution time is flexible according to the kinds and sizes of samples and in

    case of linear DNA, 4min is sufficient for the size up to 10kb.

    Eluted DNA can be extracted with phenol / chloroform once and then ethanolprecipitated

    according to the routine methods. High yield of more than 90%.

    ▹ Since disposable parafilm is used for the sample plate, you don't have to worry

    about contamination.

    ▹0.2 ˜ 0.5ml of buffer is sufficent for elution.

    ▹There is nearly no trouble.

    ▹It is easy to handle.

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